Computer Antenna Analysis

How to spend your time when the band is closed
by Paolo 1839

Colin's Vee:  An unusual shape for a dipole (July 1998)

The Antron 99. A vertical monopole. (August 1998)

Why verticals have got radials? (August 1998)

How to convert a HyGain 105 CA for 11m. (August 1998)

3 element wire yagi (September 1998)

Collinear yagis - 831 (August 1998, only Italian language, sorry)

Raise it, Karl ! (March 1999)

Four element long boom yagi  - 507 (April 1999, only Italian language, sorry)

Interference between near aerials - 692 (May 1999, only Italian language, sorry)

11-Meter Yagi. Seven projects (July 28, 1999)

7.5dBd gain on a vertical 5/8. Is it really this ??? (October 24, 1999)

A little yagi, a computer and a field test (November 9, 1999) Appendix A (Feb. 9, 2001)

Quad, al metro (Gennaio 2003)

Yagi: due progetti per gli 11m e alcune linee guida sul software (Maggio 2004)

The Great Antenna Story (July 2005)

Stack up rotary (Italian Language, Jan 3, 2007)

About quad and metallic spreaders June 2008)

If you find errors in the analysis, let me know. About my English, sorry.
Hi. 1 AT 1839 Paolo