Yet another C2 to Zwift connector.

I do have a working PoC to allow riding in Zwift with the Concept2 rower. When I say *working* what I mean is I rowed 6462 Km in Zwift with it until Mar 18, 2018, and I'm now level 25.

Download the image to flash Raspbian here

Download the core script here, not mandatory, just if you want to look at.

Unlike other's approach, that's ANT+ based. Why ANT+ and not BT? Because with Windows and BT you apparently need a lot of helper devices to build on a working environment.

With an ANT+ approach what you need is:

Ok, software, what kind of software then? My PoC is based on Python and, unfortunately, this is python 2.7 yet.

The original (and actually, the smarter) project was built on two daemons. The first one collect data from the C2 and send to a socket. Of course the second one read from socket and broadcast over the ANT+ device. This is because you may want to *reuse* the idea with different devices and approach. What I mean, your mileage may vary and maybe you’ll like to broadcast power and cadence from a non-C2 stuff.

I planned to put the project on github but I'm damn busy those days. So, for the impatient and for the adventurous, here a stripped down version.

Download the image and flash the card. Connect the C2 usb: I can only confirm this works with PM5. Fire up the Raspberry. The dongle will immediately start to broadcast 1w power and 1rpm.

Ride ON !!!

A note about virtual doping.

I multiply the C2 SPM spm by 3.3 to obtain a RPM value. This is not a big issue I guess.

I multiply the C2 watts by 1.25. This is, of course, an issue. Meanwhile, the power curve of the C2 and the power curve of, say, a smart, is quite different. This is well known to people that both row AND ride. We for sure need more data to fine tune a conversion table. For now, you're alone with your ethic

Have fun.